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Russian products come with Russian Style

High quality and reliability
Good export image
Availability of products
The Made in Russia project was launched in 2017 and is carried out by the Russian Export Center (REC) JSC. The project’s headquarters is located in the World Trade Center, Moscow. Currently, REC provides services to over 2,000 clients, that produce thousands of SKUs.

The idea behind the project Made in Russia is to help the best Russian producers enter international markets; the project ensures the safety and quality of our products to foreign consumers.

Thanks to the strict rules of the Made in Russia certification system, only environmentally friendly and reliable products that meet the highest global standards can pass our expert quality control. We cooperate with government agencies and trade organizations in order to ensure that all labelling is truthful, non-misleading and consistent.

Certified manufacturers Since 20 September, 2017

"Made in Russia" voluntary certification and labelling


By passing the first stage of the certification – Evaluation of expertise and business reputation – the company confirms that it is a bona fide producer and a reliable supplier of products, which gives it the right to use the "Russian Exporter" label.

Once the company’s expertise and business reputation are assessed using the following factors: quality, history, image, staff competence and industrial safety – it receives the "Russian Exporter" label.


The second stage is Product Evaluation, which involves assessing whether the products comply with the established set of requirements for products intended for export. At this stage, the company obtains the right to place the "Made in Russia" label on the packaging of its product.

Successfully passing the "Made in Russia" quality control guarantees to any buyer or partner that your product is of high quality, safe and was actually produced in Russia.

More than 75 manufacturers

successfully passed the first stage of certification

More than 120 commodity items

passed the second stage of certification

We guarantee that brands, manufacturers and products added to the catalog meet the requirements of their country of origin and international standards.


Call center

Mon-Fr: 9am-6pm (MSK time)
12, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, entrance 9, 123610, Moscow


Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran, Fiazi (formerly Fereshte), 48, Postal code: 1964936961


1428, Buenos Aires, Dragones 2350


14, Beibitshilik Street, Marden Business Center, Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan, “Marden” business center, floor 12, office 1201-1204


734024, 48 Ayni Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Business Center “Sozidanie”, block A, floor 5


360 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Business Center Daeha, Ha Noi


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